Oral Hygiene

Having a consistent oral hygiene program is essential to having healthy teeth and gums. Care of your teeth begins with flossing and brushing your teeth daily. This process will regularly remove plaque, which is a clear film that builds up on the teeth each day. Efficient removal of the plaque will help to prevent gum disease. Your hygienist can recommend the best products to effectively remove plaque, such as various power brushes, aides for cleaning in between teeth, and mouth rinses that will work best for your specific needs.

Over time, in between cleaning visits, a harder material can build up on the teeth called tartar. It is not possible for you to remove this with brushing and flossing. Seeing the hygienist for routine visits will allow the tartar to be removed and help to prevent gum disease. Having healthy gums and bone support greatly improves the chances of maintaining your teeth for a lifetime!